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Just what the “doctor” ordered – give your students an Edcheckup™.  Assess your students quickly and easily in minutes.

Edcheckup™ offers a progress monitoring system for students in grades K-8 that evaluates student performance and measures student progress toward goals in reading, writing, and math.  These generic assessments, which are independent from any particular curriculum, may also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction through the graphing of student data.

The Edcheckup progress monitoring system is based on the Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) model, pioneered by Drs. Stanley Deno and Douglas Marston, and those progress monitoring procedures have been shown to provide valid and reliable indicators of student growth in the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.

In addition to using Edcheckup for doing regular "well-checks" to monitor student growth, Edcheckup materials and procedures can be used to screen large groups of students to identify those students who are at risk of academic failure that require supplementary instruction.  Finally, the Edcheckup progress monitoring procedures are ideally suited for use in evaluating Responsiveness to Intervention (RtI).  In fact, the creators of Edcheckup are widely recognized for their contributions to developing both the progress monitoring procedures used in RtI and the Problem Solving Approach to RtI.

These items are available through the purchase of a one year licensing fee.  Click here to learn more!

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The US Office of
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"Progress monitoring offers an
economical and efficient
strategy for measuring student
performance and growth..."

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